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Open your web browser and go to the website address provided in your email.


You will be presented with a login screen.

Enter the username and password supplied to you in the welcome email.


Select Login and click the Go button.

You will be presented with a client screen.


Select “OpenVPN Connect for Android”.

This will take you to the Google store and the OpenVPN Connect app.

Select “Install”

This will open the OpenVPN connect app.

Android Phone Installation Instructions

Select “Menu”


On some phone with will be a physical buttom on the phone.


and “Import”

Now you will be asked for some connection details,


Enter the details provided in your email.

Server Domian Name



Ensure "Import autologin profile" is ticked.

The app will now install.

Select “Import Access Server Profile”.

The installation is now complete.


Select "connect"

Login screen password select android connect app import profile

Select “Import Profile”.


The app will now begin the profile import process.

import successful

Connect And Disconnect

Locate the OpenVPN Connect app on your device and select it.

You will now be presented with the app home screen, simply select “Connect”.

You will be asked to allow the OpenVPN app to create a VPN connection. Tick “I trust this application” and select “OK”.

icon connect tusted app

The app will now attempt to connect

google app store

Once the connection succeeds there will be a message stating that you are connected.

connection import disconnect greencheck

That’s it you can now surf the web with VPN protection.


To disconnect simply locate the OpenVPN Connect app on your device.

Select “Disconnect”.


That’s it you can now surf the web without VPN protection.

aphone1 aphone2

Locate the OpenVPN Connect app on your device and select it.

icon aphone4

OpenVPN will finish connecting and a green checkmark and connect status will appear.

Auto reconnect on reboot

You can select openVPN to auto Reconnect on reboot.


Select "Menu and "Preferences"


Put a ticket in the "Reconnect on reboot" box

The program will now reconnect when the phone is turned on.