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Open your Web browser and go to the server address provided in your email

You will be presented with a logon screen.

Enter the Username and Password provided in your email, select login and click “Go”

You will now come to a client download screen.


Select “OpenVPN Connect for Mac OS X”.

The file will save to your default download location.


Double click on the file to start the installation once the download is complete.

Double click on OpenVPN connect installer.pkg

Click Agree

Enter your MAC password and click OK

MAC Upgrade Instructions

download client mac pass safari

Click Close, the program in now installed.


In the past ClearVPN has run both the OpenVPN Connect client and Tunnelblick on MAC systems.  We are now upgrading all of our clients to the latest OpenVPN Connect Client.

If you are currently running a version of the OpenVPN connect client then you can use the upgrade instructions below.

If you have any version of Tunnelblick on your system we suggest that you uninstall the Tunnelblick client following the uninstall instructions in the link here. Once uninstalled please go back to the client area and follow the new install instructions for MAC to install the OpenVPN connect client.

tunnel openvpn

For connect/disconnect instructions please go to the client area home page and select your current operating system. The connection instructions are located at the end of the installation instructions.

Connect and Disconnect

Upgrade Issues

If you are experiencing a problem with your update please follow the uninstallation instructions to completey uninstall OpenVPN.  When you have completed this then use the regular installation instructions for your operating system and install the OpenVPN program again from the beginning.

MAC Instuctions

Click Continue on the Welcome Screen

Click continue on the license agreement screen

Click Install

MAC Initial Login MAC Download Click MAC DMG Open MAC 2 MAC Continue 2 MAC Install 2 MAC Agree

The file will open


Currently Using Tunnelblick?

Your icon will look like this.

Currently using OpenVPN Connect?

Your icon will look like this.

login screen uninstallMAC