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Open your Web browser and go to the website address provided in your email

You will be presented with a logon screen.

Enter the Username and Password provided in your email select "Login" and click “Go”

You will now come to a client download screen.


Select “OpenVPN Connect for Mac OS X”.

The file will save to your default download location.


Then the install will start automatically once the download is complete.

Click the Continue button on the Welcome screen of the OpenVPN connect Installer.

Click Continue on the Software License Agreement Screen.

Click Agree

Click Continue on the Select a Destination screen.


(Ensure the destination is your internal Mac hard drive.)

Enter your MAC password and click OK

MAC Installation Instructions

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Connect and Disconnect

Click on the OpenVPN icon on your status bar.


A menu will be displayed.


Select "vpn.domainname.com"


Select “Connect as username."

The first time you use the service you will recieve a OpenVPN - Warning


Select Yes

The client will start to connect.

To disconnect, go back to the menu and click on the OpenVPN icon then select “disconnect vpn.domainname.com”.

download client MAC 1 MAC 3 MAC 4 mac pass MAC 6 safari

Click Close, the program in now installed.

successful MAC 2 mac icon diconnected mac conneted

Once a successful connection has been made, the OpenVPN icon will change to a green color with a check mark.

icon connecting

The icon will go back to grey with an X in it.  You are now disconnected

mac icon diconnected CONNECT 2 disconncect 2 warning 2

The Mac OS do not recognise OpenVPN as an application from an identified developer.  You will most likely need to change your gatekeeper setting to install the OpenVPN client.  Instructions for changing the setting are in the link the below.

Disable Gatekeeper

Install OpenVPN connect client

login screen

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or later you may need to disable the new Gatekeeper software before you will be able to install the OpenVPN connect client.