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Everyone can use more privacy.


A ClearVPN account gives you a bulletproof layer of protection and privacy.

ClearVPN uses the OpenVPN program to provide it's customer with the highest level of security, which receives Veracode's Highest Possible “A” Security Rating and is open source code so you can be 100% sure of the absence of government backdoors.


Our OpenVPN solution runs on all Windows, OS X, Linux, UNIX with application for smartphone platforms iOS, android,  Maemo, and Windows Mobile


Why Use a Program?


OpenVPN offers some of the strongest encryption available (2048 bit) and will work in places where PPTP VPN is blocked. Places we have seen PPTP VPN blocked are locations in China and the Middle East like Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai and the UAE.


OpenVPN also integrates well with Apple MACs, that may sometimes have problems connecting to Windows based PPTP services.


Having a program based VPN service makes it harder to be blocked by ISP's. It is also very clear as to when the service is turned on or off.  OpenVPN runs over a single TCP connection, and it is capable of working through firewalls and routers.


How it Works.


Put in simple terms ClearVPN will secure your data by encrypting each packet and wrapping it in an envelope which has its destination printed on it. Anyone intercepting this envelope could see its intended destination, but not the contents (because the contents are encrypted.) Once the envelope arrives at the ClearVPN server it is unwrapped, decrypted, and then sent on to its final destination, ensuring the security of all your email, passwords and data.

OpenVPN Connect Client

ClearVPN takes your privacy very seriously and our policy is simple: We will never sell, loan, or distribute any of your personal information to another party. Additionally we use Bluesnap as a payment provider so you are assured that we never have access to your credit card information and are fully PCIDSS compliant.


When you log onto ClearVPN, the only personal information we monitor is related to the establishment of the connection itself. We do this in order to be able to troubleshoot connection problems and keep the network running. We know that you have connected to the service but we do not know or record anything about the actual data you are transmitting. Your data comes in encrypted and, once the data is unencrypted on our server, it is sent directly out to its destination without any logging or monitoring of any kind.

ClearVPN Privacy Policy

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