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The upgrade process is an automated process and should be quick and easy. Please note the following instructions were completed on Windows 7, your screen shots may look a little different if you are running other versions of Windows.


Click on the website link provided in your welcome email or open your web browser (i.e. IE, Chrome, Opera or Firefox) and type in the website address.


You will be presented with a logon screen.

Enter the username and password supplied to you in the welcome email.


Select Login and click the Go button.

You will be presented with a client download screen.


Click on  “OpenVPN Connect for Windows” link

Internet Explorer click “Save” (This will download to your default download folder) or "Save As" and then select the folder you wish to save the file in and click “Save”. The file will now download.


Firefox click “Save File” then select the folder you wish to save the file in and click “Save”. The file will now download.

Run the file once it is downloaded.

The file is named


The client will start to install.


If you get a User Account Warning click YES

The client will now continue to install

Once the OpenVPN client has installed you will get an icon in your taskbar and on your desktop.

Windows Upgrade Installation Instructions

login screen connect for windows connect file UAC warning install desktop icon Icon on bar

The installation is now complete and you can close your web browser.  


For connect and disconnect instructions please go to the client area home page and select your current operating system for detailed instructions. The connection instructions are located at the end of the installation instructions.

Connect and Disconnect

Upgrade Issues

If you are experiencing a problem with your upgrade please follow the uninstallation instructions to completely uninstall the OpenVPN client.  When you have completed the uninstall then please use the regular installation instructions for your operating system and install the OpenVPN client again from the beginning.

login screen clientarea uninstallwindows